Old Town

The old town of Rethymnon is built on the promontory of the northern coast that rupture with the land and goes into the sea .

Through a cluster of two-storey and three-storey houses, pop Ottoman minarets of mosques , the 19th century spire of the Cathedral and the lighthouse at the mouth of the harbor as it rises in the sky to help picturesque city with enriching the variety and color. The Venetian fortress which dominates the hill today Palaikastro and rises imperiously over the Cretan Sea complements the unparalleled image beauty and charm .

Pantelis Prevelakis in ” Chronicle of a State” describing Rethymnon gives exactly this aspect of the state that makes thousands of visitors still stop to photograph exactly the same positions that are centuries old cartographers and fascinated travelers paused on the way to the sketch from afar .

Today , the historic center of Rethymnon has in a large part of the urban fabric of the Venetian with two main roads and small streets leading to public and private buildings and some small squares remained unchanged over the course of time . This period left its own architectural features. The buildings were added kiosks ( sachnisia ) , in doorways symbols of the Muslim faith (alem) and inscriptions , Venetian monasteries were converted into mosques with minarets and fountains and baths were built giving the city a new character . Because of these special characteristics , the Old City was declared a Historical Monument in 1967 , and the 1985 Old Town .

From the monuments of the Old Town stand out: Fortezza ( Venetian fortress ) , the Loggia ( Venetian Club where the nobles gathered timariouchoi , ) , the Rimondi Fountain ( with the coat of arms of the Venetian governor Rimondi ) , the gateway Guora ( Holy Door ) The central entrance to the land wall of the Venetians , the magnificent church of San Francesco, the picturesque Venetian harbor. From the period of Ottoman rule preserved mosques Kara Musa Pasha , the Neratzes , the Valide Sultana and Mastaba ( the new city) . Rethymno , is now a unique monument of architecture and tradition while space of natural beauty as well as embracing the sea from east to a beach surrounded by palm trees .

Beyond the pleasures of the sea , Rethymno ideal for all types of entertainment during the year . The Renaissance Festival is held during the summer months in the theater ” Erophile ” over the fort , giving the opportunity to live magical moments of theater , dance and music . Numerous bars through the picturesque streets of the historic center and the taverns with Cretan delicacies offered for all-night revelry . In the Venetian harbor in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility , under the moonlight reflecting on the water , enjoying the secrets of Cretan cuisine through a variety of products from pure materials of the site.

Strolling the streets of the historical center, with buildings of traditional architectural setting , a setting of natural beauty , and pergolas with vines and colorful flowers adorn each corner , one completes the picture for this city .

Beyond this, however , the main advantage of Rethymno is the hospitality and the warmth of its inhabitants , making it a place that always come back .